The Reveal

What is the dirty secret?

Well, it’s something simple, relatively inexpensive, and seemingly insignificant. However, insignificant, it is not. It can be the main contributor to a multitude of a/c and heating problems. The funny part is in it’s simplicity and the fact that YOU can prevent many of these problems if only you knew what to do.   Read more below....



Ok, ok, we're getting to it.  
The secret is just two little words:  dirty filter.  Yep, that's it; a plain ol' filter that is dirty.  Dirty air filters cause system malfunctions, higher energy bills, premature wear and tear, greater strain on the equipment, foul odors, unhealthy indoor air, dirty air ducts, freezing up, not cooling enough, and on and on.  And then there's the money.  Air filters are relatively cheap, yet when dirty, they can cause many expensive repairs, increased energy usage, sickness and more.  Click an icon above to learn more (and see more).
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