The "Ick" Gallery

A collection of dirt, dust, dander and more.

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picture of a dirty filter picture of a dirty filter
picture of a dirty filter picture of a dirty filter

DESCRIPTION: The pictures shown above are of air conditioning coils which are located inside your home in an attic or closet . Your a/c system is designed for air to flow through your duct system, pass through a filter and then pass through an a/c coil where it is then cooled. This cooled air gently flows out of the air vents or grilles in your ceilings or walls to supply your home with cool air.

THE PROBLEM: Each example above shows a dirty air conditioning coil. In each case, the air that passed through the coil was so dirty that the coil became nearly 100% coated with particulate matter such as dirt, dander, hair, dust, and other biological matter. The homeowners in each of these situations were unknowingly breathing air that passed through their dirty indoor coil. They were unaware because the coils are not readily visible without some disassembly of the indoor a/c equipment.

THE CONSEQUENCES: In addition, not only were the homeowners breathing dirty air, but the coil's matted coating also hindered the performance of their entire air conditioning system. When the amount of air that can pass through the coil isDirty Blower Wheel restricted or blocked, it raises electrical consumption and decreases the capacity of the air conditioning system because the system now has to run longer to achieve the desired temperature. The system also has to work harder...the copper windings in the blower motor get hot and after a while the motor gives up, and there are more repercussions. The crippled system may suck energy for years, provide mediocre comfort, have frequent failures and die prematurely.

Right: all the air in this home was blown through the ducts and out the vents by this dirty blower wheel. A dirty blower wheel can be caused by running the system without a filter or by not changing the filter regularly. Vacuuming carpets frequently can also help decrease the amount of debris that collects on the blower wheel.

"Icky" Filters click on pictures to enlarge
picture of a dirty filter picture of a clean filter next to a dirty filter

THE OVERALL SOLUTION: The solution can be defined in one word: MAINTENANCE. To help protect your heating and air system and to help prevent your coil from becoming "icky", regular filter changes and annual maintenance are extremely important. All experts, utilities and other authorities recommend annual maintenance in order to keep your ac and heating system healthy, clean and operating efficiently. Annual maintenance is a real bargain when compared to the costly and unhealthy effects of a neglected air conditioning and heating system.

Click here to learn more about our comprehensive a/c and heating maintenance program that is designed to help you and your family breathe cleaner air, save electrical consumption, and help your equipment last longer.

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